Begginer Friendly Afordable Natural Makeup Look

This look is an affordable easy beginner friendly makeup look.

So for the summer, I try to wear as well makeup as possible but still keep a cute fresh face!

Today I’m going to share my natural makeup routine for summer and the steps it takes to get an amazing finish.

I start with my primer which is the Mary Kay SPF primer and I didn’t know it would be so good but it really helps my foundation lay smooth and flawless.


I then apply a light layer of the Maybelline Fit Me foundation and I love this foundation but it was too dark so I’m going to give you a tip to lighten your foundation!


Translucent powder!! So if you don’t have concealer you can definitely use a powder to help lighten the color of your foundation.



So depending on your skin tone you want to use a color that is close to your skin tone for the base. In my beauty glazed palette(which is a dupe of the Huda beauty palette) I start out with dust and then go to copper to add a shimmer brownish color and then I go towards my tear duct and at gold sand(which works amazing as a highlight) and then I blend them together to add a natural shimmer. Don’t forget the mascara!!


For my lips, you can add a lip balm of your choice I just used my L.A Colors glossy lips to add that shine to my lips to complete my look.

I hope you all enjoyed and I will be making a YouTube channel very soon so keep on the lookout for that.



9 Must Have Carry On Travel Essentials

Hello Everyone! Welcome to my new blog page I am happy to start this blogging journey! Today I decided to talk about 9 Must Have Carry On Essentials for traveling this spring or this summer.

1.Comfy Shoes- Comfy shoes are every important weather its a road trip or a plane ride having slippers or even flip flops can make your long commute a lot more easier.

2.Change of clothes- A change of clothes for your long trip can really help you once you get tired of wearing the clothes you have been in for a while. I would suggest bringing a light jacket and leggings or even a pair of sweats with a comfy t shirt.

3.Snacks- Having Light snacks for your travel journey can make a world difference. It can help lower the times you need to stop for food on your road trip or it can lessen how many times you get airplane food while you are in the air.  Different kind of snacks you can pack are nuts, juice boxes, water, chips,cookies, dry foods.

4.Headphones- Headphones are a huge essential for when you want to have your own time in a place where you are surrounded by a lot of people. Having a good pair of headphones can make your trip a lot easier as well. Make sure you have your phone or something to listen to while you are on your journey.

5.Feminine Products- If you are a female then having these products are super important just in case you have an accident. Packing baby wipes,tampons,pads can be a life changer.

6.Skincare- Having travel size skincare products in your carry on and prevent a lot of oil build up on your face. When you are traveling your skin can be easily prone to breakouts and build up so its important to clean your face daily while you are traveling.

7.Passport/ID- Passports and IDs are super important and you do not want to for get these items so having them in a cute case and wallet can help you keep track of them in your carry on bag.

8. First aid kit- Keeping one of these on you can be a game changer if something happens, I would suggest geeing an already made first aid kit so you know your items you need can already be in there and you can add your extra items you may need.

9.Any important papers/documents- So this last but very important item can go and in hand with your passport/ID. Keep these items in a secure folder so you don’t lose any of these items and they are all in the same place.

So I hope you guys enjoyed my must have essentials for traveling with your carry on. What are your must have items to travel with? Comment your answers down below.

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