Top 4 Blogging Apps That Every Blogger Should Have!!

So today I wanted to talk about the apps that I use to make my blogging life a little easier.

They can be downloaded on your phone and on your computer, Let’s get started!

  1. Over- Over is one of the best apps I’ve used for all of my social media pictures! It lets you choose your dimensions for Instagram down to a Youtube thumbnail! It lets you create overlays for your pictures and more!over.jpg
  2. Twitter- Before I started using twitter I didn’t believe the hype about how much it helps bloggers connect with others and to get traffic to your blog but it really does help! Join blogger chats and create friends and collab partners.twitter-logo-final.png
  3. TheBlogClub- This app can go in hand with Twitter, It actually helps you connect with bloggers from all around the world and they have great discussions on this app! I love it a lot I’ve met some pretty amazing people on this app.
  4. Pinterest- ‘Believe it or not Pinterest is where I get a lot of my blogging inspiration from! This app has a lot of fun things that people are looking for if you go under trending searches you will find a lot of amazing things.pinterest-logo-icon-simple-1024x1015.jpg

I hope you enjoyed. I thought it would be amazing if I told you guys some amazing apps that really can help your blog or even youtube! Comment what your favorite app is or even website!.