Begginer Friendly Afordable Natural Makeup Look

This look is an affordable easy beginner friendly makeup look.

So for the summer, I try to wear as well makeup as possible but still keep a cute fresh face!

Today I’m going to share my natural makeup routine for summer and the steps it takes to get an amazing finish.

I start with my primer which is the Mary Kay SPF primer and I didn’t know it would be so good but it really helps my foundation lay smooth and flawless.


I then apply a light layer of the Maybelline Fit Me foundation and I love this foundation but it was too dark so I’m going to give you a tip to lighten your foundation!


Translucent powder!! So if you don’t have concealer you can definitely use a powder to help lighten the color of your foundation.



So depending on your skin tone you want to use a color that is close to your skin tone for the base. In my beauty glazed palette(which is a dupe of the Huda beauty palette) I start out with dust and then go to copper to add a shimmer brownish color and then I go towards my tear duct and at gold sand(which works amazing as a highlight) and then I blend them together to add a natural shimmer. Don’t forget the mascara!!


For my lips, you can add a lip balm of your choice I just used my L.A Colors glossy lips to add that shine to my lips to complete my look.

I hope you all enjoyed and I will be making a YouTube channel very soon so keep on the lookout for that.